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Avatar Maker - Female Avatar Creator

Welcome to our free avatar maker! This browser-based tool allows you to design a female avatar for use on web forums, social media, gaming accounts, or anywhere else you might need it.

How does this free avatar maker work?

The first thing you need to do is select one of four art styles for your avatar. The default selection creates an avatar that is life-like but still a bit cartoony. There’s a polygonal option as well as an anime-style effect. The final option is similar to black-and-white newspaper comics. Pick whichever style works for you! Remember that you can always change your mind later without losing your customizations.

Once you’ve selected your art style, it’s time to customize the avatar! You can change the face, eyes, hair, clothes, and background styles. Click each category and play around with the various options. There are so many choices that you could make a nearly infinite number of completely unique personalities.

If you’re trying to make the avatar look like yourself, it might be helpful to have a selfie on your phone to use as a reference. However, if you want your avatar to look nothing like you, it might be a good idea to hit the RANDOM button. You can hit this button as much as you like until you land on something close to what you want. You can then tweak that creation to make it perfect.

Have you made a mistake? Don’t worry: just hit the UNDO button. The REDO button can help if you want to return to where you were. Just be careful with the RESET button, which will erase all your work and bring you back to the beginning. The UNDO button can save you if you accidentally hit RESET, but you should still be careful!

Downloading your avatar

Ready to save your avatar creation? Hit the DOWNLOAD button and choose from one of the three options. The 200px PNG format is good for most situations, and the 400px option works if you need something a bit larger. The SVG option is lossless quality, but you won’t be able to upload it as-is to most sites. You’ll need special software (such as Adobe Illustrator) to work with that file.

If you want to let your friends know how to create their own free avatar, hit the SHARE button. That will craft a post for your Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, WhatsApp, or Telegram accounts.